My Story

As a mother of three, I find joy in a colorful tapestry of interests—Mardi Gras celebrations, invigorating Pilates sessions, savoring meals at diverse eateries, dancing to live music, and belting out tunes at Phish shows. With a knack for precision honed through years of working in sales, I seamlessly blend my love for detail with my artistic endeavors.

Amidst the challenges of the pandemic, I embarked on a journey to establish a self-sustaining business. No longer relying on external resources, Ludasigns now directly sources garments from a family-operated sewing business in Central Java, Indonesia. Every expense incurred by Ludasigns for these items directly supports the skilled artisans behind the sewing machine.

This family-centric approach extends beyond providing quality apparel—it's a commitment to empowerment. By hiring and teaching sewing skills to women within their communities, this small business becomes a catalyst for both personal growth and self-sufficiency.

Creating art for me is akin to an improvisational music session or a live sporting event. I step into the process with a set order of events, yet the outcome remains unknown. Anticipation and excitement infuse every piece I create. This artistic journey has taught me to embrace the uncontrollable aspects within my craft and in life, adding an extra layer of richness to each creation.

Welcome to Ludasigns, where passion, purpose, and creativity converge to bring you a unique and empowering collection.

My Process

Creating tie-dye masterpieces involves a meticulous process. I begin by soaking each garment in a soda ash solution to facilitate the dye-fiber reaction. Amidst the vibrant chaos in my workspace, I mix professional-grade fiber reactive procion dye and incorporate urea, a crucial moisture agent.

Once the fabric is soaked, I fold, tie, and apply the dye, wrapping it to preserve moisture. The magic happens during a 24-hour curing process, ensuring rich, fade-resistant colors. Afterward, a thorough rinsing process removes excess dye, including hot water and machine washing.

This hands-on journey results in unique works of art, each garment telling its own story. Through passion and perseverance, I've turned a dream into reality, and I'm grateful for the support of my family and friends, who are not just supporters but cherished clients.

Ludasigns has woven a vibrant tapestry of tie-dye fun, blending hard work, laughter, and joy into a colorful journey of family ties and shared moments, crafting memories that last a lifetime.